Renèe's Diary

Renèe, main character of "The Town of Light", writes this diary where she remembers her life before the events described in the game. These pages will let you understand all the hints of the story. The Town of Light will be released the 26th of February on Steam.

Unique Experience

"I'm sensing a note of humanity/empathy to The Town of Light that I don't often see in games of this ilk"

Realistic 3D Graphic

"The old buildings are hauntingly beautiful."


"As proof that games can be about more than just violence and empty storytelling The Town Of Light has already succeeded"

Inspired by real events

"The Town of Light was a pleasant surprise with its refreshing take on the psychological thriller genre of games"

Horror with no Jumpscares

"One to watch"

"The Town of Light is a first-person asylum game without jump scares"

What is
The Town Of Light?

The Town of Light is a first-person psychological thriller adventure set in a former psychiatric hospital based on real events and places. The game has been Greenlit by the Steam community in few weeks and has been awarded in “Story and Storytelling” at the Game Connection in Paris.

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