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New videos, Indiegogo campaign and more

indiegogo the town of light

Now you can support the development of The Town of Light with a donation on our Indiegogo page!The first 100 backers will receive our game at a lower price!

Link to the Indiegogo Campaign

What’s new: New trailer with gameplay scenes, video presentation of the project, new artworks and music tracks, a Trailer Oculus free for all (you will need an Oculus Rift to watch it properly).

For a small fee you can pre-order a digital copy or a limited collector’s edition of “The Town of Light”.

Thanks again to everyone for the enthusiasm you show us here on Steam Greenlight, you gave us an incredible strength! The development of “TheTownOfLight” is entering a new phase that is characterized by frequent updates, big news and many appointments with the development team to try out the exclusive demo of the game and the trailer Oculus.