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The Town of Light has been selected as Games Connection finalist! Check out the new Trailer

The Town of light has been nominated in the “StoryTelling” cathegory of Games Connection Paris 2014, we will attend from 29th to 31th October, can’t wait to be there!


For this special occasion we created a brand new trailer, check it out!

New update choosen by you: Characters!


2 weeks ago we launched a “survey” asking what do you prefer as a new update, we want to thanks everyone who answered on IndieDb or Twitter, it was the first experiment and we really appreciate your partecipation :)

You choose: Characters!

Character concept

It’s hard to speak about characters in a game that wants to describe the anguish and the harshness of mental institution; most of the time you were besieged by other patients and other people nevertheless the solitude was your only roommate.
In The Town of Light you will be extremely alone, roaming in the structure looking for the truth about your degence.

Some patients in your same room.

Characters are modeled and sculpted using Zbrush, then we import everything in Modo for the retopology, texturing and rigging. We have only 1 model for every patient but using or blendshapes we are able to change their physical appereance or even their facial expressions:

On Unity it’s possible to change these blendshapes with animations. Everything in The Town of Light it’s animated within Unity, it’s a bit harsh but it does his job.

Doriden FACCIA.jpg

The following character is designed and created by the guys from Big Rock Academy. They also created a new environment for the game.

These are the guys from the master course of Big Rock Academy, thanks to all of them:

  • Marco Bastianon
  • Riccardo Bellio
  • Giacomo Colivicchi
  • Nicola Toffoletto
  • Lara Zacco

and their supervisors:

  • Lorenzo Conticelli
  • Leonardo Lezzi

That’s it for this update!

Thanks for your support, keep track of the project and follow us on our website:

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