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Vegetation grows and new localization system


– We want to recreate as faithful as possible all the vegetation that surround the building, here are some images rappresenting the ivy we added this week.

– We are working on a new localization system in order to allow the community to help us translate “The Town of Light” in all possible languages!
If you are interested contact us at info[at]thetownoflight[dot]com!

– We did a major upgrade to optimize graphics and audio management.

– The work continues ceaselessly to enrich the environments of the game and the works on characters that will have a major role in the story of Renee, below a video of the first sculpting of Doriden.

And one of the concept for Renèe, our main character.

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Development goes on

Indiegogo campaign is over.

We didn’t reach our goal, but we are going to complete the videogame anyway.
Now it’s possible to freely contribute on our website on the right sidebar.

Thanks for your support and help us sharing the project.




The asylum was a sort of permanent exhibition of human misery, where each one exposed their fear, their despair, their limits. Just like a trade show there were vendors who exhibited their goods proclaimed with fanfare and those who tried to hide it, locked in their corners, judging themselves not worthy of the public. Renèe, defeated by the inner pain, tried to hide away from everything.

When she was allowed to go in the park she always look for hidden corners and she huddled up there for hours. Immersed in nature, everything seemed distant in both space and in time.